Hong Kong Flag

    Hong Kong Flag fast facts
    Theme: Hong Kong Orchid Tree flower
    Designer: Tao Ho
    Adopted: 1 July 1997
    Proportion (width:length): 2:3

    Hong Kong Flag - Information

    The flag of the Hong Kong is a red field with a stylized, white, five-petal Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia × blakeana) flower in the center with each petal containing a small, red, five-pointed star in its middle.

    Hong Kong Flag - Colors - meaning and symbolism
    The red color symbolizes communist revolution. Red is also the traditional color in Chinese culture. It conveys a sense of celebration and nationalism.
    White symbolizes the peace and harmony between China and Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia × blakeana) flower, a flower discovered in Hong Kong, is meant to serve as a harmonizing symbol for "one country two systems" political principle applied to Hong Kong. The five stars of the Chinese national flag, representing the Communist Party and Mao Zedong's four classes (proletarian workers, agricultural peasants, petty bourgeoisie and capitalists), are replicated on the petals of the flower.

    Hong Kong Flag - History, Facts & information for kids
    The flag of Hong Kong features a white, stylised, five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) flower in the centre of a red field. Its design was adopted on 4 April 1990 at the Third Session of the Seventh National People's Congress. The precise use of the flag is regulated by laws passed by the 58th executive meeting of the State Council held in Beijing. The design of the flag is enshrined in Hong Kong's Basic Law, the territory's constitutional document, and regulations regarding the use, prohibition of use, desecration, and manufacture of the flag are stated in the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem Ordinance. The flag of Hong Kong was first officially hoisted on 1 July 1997, in the handover ceremony marking the transfer of sovereignty.

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